Embracing Wellness

Emb​r​acing W​ellness



At Creative Health Resources, the Integrative Nurse Coach helps clients tap into internal self-healing mechanisms through awareness practices and deep listening. We collaborate on goals to reach beyond dis-ease toward self-care, a sense of wholeness, joy, purpose and self-empowerment. Integration of creative and natural healing modalities can enhance the client’s healing journey.  A free, one-time pre-commitment consultation is available via phone. Post five-session program follow up communication is available. Five session program commitment may be renewed.


Our first session involves discussion and planting seeds for a plan. This is done through completion of an Integrative Health and Wellness Assessment, and client/Nurse Coach Guiding Principles and contract. 

Checking in 

Three sessions involve setting goals in order of importance, acknowledging successes and challenges, and developing tools for success. Awareness practices, deep listening and compassionate presence are key components of the process. 


Our last session provides closure, recognition of and accessing  internal and external healing environments, referrals as needed and making choices regarding next steps in the healing journey.